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Rick - I was looking at the ceiling and then I saw the sky
InSeries Opera


"John Kun Park sang and performed this piece masterfully."
DC Theater Arts 4/24/23

"John Kun Park lends his powerful tenor voice to the role of Rick, the public defender who is hell-bent on securing justice for his client in a system stacked against him."
MD Theater Guide


Nabucco - Ismaele
West Bay Opera

“…John Kun Park’s Ismaele sings with a tenor voice that floats its high notes with ease and emotional fervor. His voice intertwines in love and reverence…”

Die Zauberflöte - Monostatos
Sarasota Opera


“As his evil servant Monostatos,
ohn Kun Park sang with clowning energy and joie de vivre”
T. Michele Walker, The Herald Tribune 2/17/2019

“John Kun Park was a fine Monostatos, giving the Moor more of a personality
than the racial caricature one usually sees in this role"
Edward Alley, The Observer 2/17/2019


Song Salon
Joy in Singing, NY

"Mr. Park's selections included Wolf's "Fussreise" from his Morike lieder, and we enjoyed this jaunty paean to la belle nature. Henri Duparc's Phydile was given a romantic coloration and plenty of dynamic variety."

"We loved the expansiveness of Franz Lehar's "Dein ist mein ganzes Herz" from Das Land des Lachelns.  It was sung ardently..."

"Richard Strauss' Allerseelen...was so passionately sung..."

Voce Di Meche, 4/23/2017

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