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My journey…

**We are all struggling due to COVID-19, and especially artists in the United States where we are prohibited from doing our work. Please support and love on your local artists!!!

Thank you so much for taking the time to navigate through my website!

I wanted to create a section where I get a little bit more personal with the people who have taken an interest in me, and get to know a little bit of who I am. I’ve worn many hats through the journey of becoming a singer - an IT, various kinds of salesman, audio/video engineer, photographer, and strangely enough a sushi chef!

As you might have read, I am a Korean American. I was born in Korea, and my family and I immigrated to the United States right before I turned 5, which as you can imagine turned the beginning of my kindergarten year into a nightmare! Music always had its place in my family and my life, whether it be the myriad of instruments I’ve picked up over the years, singing at church by myself or with my family, or waking up to the obnoxious sound of my father creating music on the early Saturday mornings I chose not to wake up at the break of dawn to watch cartoons.
Fate has a funny way of stepping in when things are meant to be. I spent my entire senior high school year searching for what I was meant to do in life, only to have the operatic road opened before me, when I didn’t even know what opera was! It was bizarre that this even happened because I was a drummer in a heavy/speed metal band at that point, before that a hip hop junkie, and the only singing I did was either at church, or to try to impress girls in karaoke rooms!

I was always a terrible student in grade school, but with music, my thirst for knowledge was unquenchable, the fire to grow more in this field unyielding. This path has set me on quite the adventure, with many, many heart breaks, and many, many accomplishments, and unbelievable experiences I could never have dreamed of. I love what I do so much, and I have heavy faith in the power that the voice has. This art form is so much more than just music to me now - the only form of communication that can become tangible to a listener’s very soul. An elevated art form not just for the aristocratic elite, but beautiful music created with a selfless heart given to the public to show every level of possible emotions and inspire, heal, and break down the barriers that separates us from each other. My goal has always been as such - if someone listening to my work has not felt joy in joyous songs, deep love in ballads, and their hearts break in tragic pieces, I have failed as an artist.

Just like any other operatic artist, I too hope to make it “big” and sing on the biggest, and most beautiful venues in the world, and create with some of the greatest minds and artists the world has known. I dream of getting there one day, and I hope that fate continues to intervene and allows us, dear reader, to cross paths and share in joyous music and experiences. Thank you so much for getting a little bit more personal with me, and I hope you the best of days ahead filled with all the blessings of the world!

With love,

John Kun Park

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